Wales Air Ambulance – Powys County Council

18 August 2022

Image of a helicopter rotor

The Leaders of Powys County Council have expressed concern over proposals that could see Wales Air Ambulance close its Welshpool base.

Under the proposals being considered by the charity, the Welshpool crews could be moved to north Wales.

“The Wales Air Ambulance Service is a vital service, especially for a rural county such as Powys. It also receives a huge amount of public support from our residents,” said Leader Cllr James Gibson-Watt and Deputy Leader Matthew Dorrance.

“It is therefore disappointing and extremely concerning that their proposal could see their Welshpool base close.

“We will be seeking assurances from senior representatives at Wales Air Ambulance that changes won’t impact on our residents. We will also be asking for an explanation for the justification for this proposal, in particular how moving their base from Welshpool to north Wales will enhance the service for our residents.”

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