Uber has officially launched its services in Swansea in response to significant local interest, with over 4,000 residents attempting to book rides through the app every week.

To celebrate its arrival in Swansea, Uber is enticing customers with a promotion offering up to £20 off the next two rides for passengers until March 24, 2024.

Uber’s platform, which debuted in the UK market in 2012, is renowned for its convenience, offering customers a seamless experience from booking to payment through a single, user-friendly app.

Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber UK, expressed pride in launching Uber in Swansea, highlighting the increased demand for their services in the city. He emphasised Uber’s commitment to maximizing earnings opportunities for drivers, expanding transport options for passengers, and supporting the local economy. He said: “We are extremely proud to launch Uber in Swansea where we have been seeing increased demand for our services. By bringing Uber to the city we want to help maximise earnings opportunities for drivers, boost transport options for passengers, and support the local economy.”

£20 off next 2 rides in Swansea

To celebrate this launch, enjoy up to £20 off on your next two rides* from 13-24 March, 2024. If the offer does not automatically apply, you can use the code HISWANSEA

Here’s how to redeem your offer:

  • Select ‘Wallet’ from the app menu
  • Swipe down to ‘Promotions’ (not ’Voucher’)
  • Click ‘Add Promo Code’
  • Enter HISWANSEA and click ‘Add’

The Uber Effect: Threatening the Existence of Local Taxi Firms in Swansea

In recent years, the emergence of ride-hailing services like Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry worldwide. While hailed for their convenience and accessibility, these services have also posed a significant threat to traditional taxi firms, especially in smaller cities like Swansea. The convenience, competitive pricing, and ease of use offered by Uber have caused a seismic shift in consumer behavior, leaving local taxi companies struggling to adapt.

One of the primary reasons Uber poses a risk to local taxi firms in Swansea is its utilization of modern technology. With a user-friendly app that allows customers to request rides with a few taps on their smartphones, Uber has streamlined the booking process, eliminating the need for traditional phone calls or street hails. This convenience factor has made Uber an attractive option for many commuters and residents in Swansea, often at the expense of local taxi firms.

Moreover, Uber’s dynamic pricing model, which adjusts fares based on demand, often results in lower costs for passengers compared to traditional taxis. This competitive pricing strategy has further incentivized consumers to choose Uber over local taxi services, especially during peak times or inclement weather when taxi fares tend to surge.

Additionally, Uber’s extensive driver network has significantly expanded the availability of rides in Swansea. While local taxi firms may struggle to meet demand during busy periods, Uber’s large pool of drivers can quickly respond to requests, reducing wait times for passengers. This accessibility has made Uber a preferred choice for many residents and visitors alike, further eroding the market share of local taxi companies.

Furthermore, Uber’s aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns have increased its visibility and brand recognition in Swansea. Through various incentives and discounts, Uber has successfully attracted customers away from traditional taxis, posing a formidable challenge to local firms that lack the resources to compete on such a scale.

Despite these challenges, some local taxi firms in Swansea have sought to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape. Some have introduced their own mobile apps to improve booking efficiency, while others have focused on enhancing the quality of service to differentiate themselves from Uber. However, for many smaller firms, competing with Uber’s vast resources and global reach remains an uphill battle.

In conclusion, Uber’s presence in Swansea is likely to pose a significant risk to the survival of local taxi firms. With its convenient app-based platform, competitive pricing, extensive driver network, and aggressive marketing strategies, Uber has fundamentally transformed the transportation industry in Swansea and beyond. While local taxi companies may strive to adapt and innovate, the looming shadow of Uber continues to cast uncertainty over their future prospects. The service may be cheap and very competitive at the moment, though in the future if local independent taxi companies cease to exist due to the presence of Uber, arguably at this point Uber will increase their prices. Afterall, Uber increases prices when demand is higher than normal.


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