Talgarth resident lands £300 fine for dumping rubbish in the community recycling site

15 July 2022

Image showing black bag waste found in a card recycling bank

Continued abuse of the counties community recycling sites not only contaminates tonnes of recycling but has also resulted in one careless Talgarth resident receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice.

The £300 fine was issued after black bin bags full of general rubbish and clothing were found in and around the local card recycling bank. During interview, the owner of the waste claimed to have paid someone to take their waste away. As a result, the fine was issued under the Household Waste Duty of Care Regulations 2019, for failing to take reasonable measures to secure the safe transport and disposal of your household waste.

“Paying someone to take away your rubbish, and then finding out that they have dumped it illegally must be devastating” says Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys. “But unfortunately, the buck stops with each of us.

“Everyone of us is responsible for our own waste and we have a waste duty of care to ensure it is disposed of responsibly. This means that if we pay someone to take our rubbish way for us, we must check that they are a registered waste carrier. Simply ask the person or business to show you proof that they are registered with Natural Resources Wales/Environment Agency to carry or accept waste.

“By making sure our waste is handled safely and only passed to people authorised to receive it we can protect the environment and ensure it is disposed of correctly and safely. This not only keeps our beautiful county free from litter and rubbish, but it will also mean you won’t end up with a fine!”

For more information on Household Waste Duty of Care Regulations, please visit https://naturalresources.wales/guidance-and-advice/environmental-topics/waste-management/disposing-of-your-household-waste/?lang=en

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