Glass and paper recycling banks to be removed from community recycling sites

31 August 2022

Image of a glass recycling bank

To streamline recycling services, the glass and paper recycling banks will soon be removed from the community recycling sites across the county. 

When the community recycling sites were first introduced, they provided Powys people with a way to recycle household items locally. However, with the weekly kerbside recycling service now available for all properties, both glass and paper can now be easily recycled from home. Recycling banks for other materials, such as cardboard or textiles, will remain at the community recycling sites.

“The decision to remove these two materials from the community recycling sites was agreed by the cabinet earlier this year.” Explains Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys.

“Although initially identified as a budget saving, it is also a duplication of service, the removal therefore allows us to concentrate our stretched resources on fulfilling the weekly kerbside collections.

“We appreciate there are some regular users of the glass and paper recycling banks, but now that these items can easily be recycled each week from home, the removal of these banks from the community recycling sites shouldn’t be an issue.

“If anyone is struggling to fit all their recycling into their kerbside containers, they can request additional boxes online. Of course, both glass and paper can also still be taken to any of the five Household Waste Recycling Centres across Powys.”

The removal of these banks also ensures they can no longer be abused by fly-tippers contaminating the material and used illegally by businesses. Businesses needing a recycling collection service can contact the Powys Commercial Recycling team for a free quote.

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