Fay Jones MP – Refuses to answer reasons for voting, then bans person from asking!

The following article was formed through a quick chat interview with someone who claimed Fay Jones blocked their questions on her facebook page.

I was concerned why Fay Jones, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire voted against the implementation of the Grenfell recommendations. Given the tragic loss of life from the inferno, I thought that nobody would actually vote to not implement safety recommendations. It turns out that Fay Jones MP voted against the Grenfell recommendations, therefore in light of this I asked on her public facebook page the reasons as to why she voted against implementing safety through the Grenfell recommendations.

Shortly after, Fay Jones then voted to break international law. Breaking international law could cause detrimental problems to the UK, there is an issue of trust. Breaking international law puts the UK on the same par as other countries who disregard it, Russia and China being examples.

My questions on the facebook page for Fay Jones were valid questions. However, despite this, I was labeled a “vile troll” from someone who claimed to know Fay and her family for around 50 years!

WOAH! I am a vile troll simply for asking why Fay voted against breaking international law and voted against implementing the Grenfell recommendations?

Seemingly, Fay Jones only allows supporters to interact on her page since she then banned me from posting there. She has muted me and stopped my rights of freedom of speech and expression, all for asking reasonable and valid questions.

It should be noted that none of her supporters on the page could provide reasons as to the voting actions of Fay Jones.

For an MP to stop someone asking valid and reasonable questions as to voting is extremely derisory. It simply shows a lack of both integrity and credibility as they fail to provide any answers of substance as to their actions, they simply block and ban those people who are in disagreement and ask for explanations.

At the time of writing, Fay Jones has on her facebook page the following post:

“Join me for a live Q&A”
My next facebook live event will be Friday 9th October at 4pm.
Unfortunately I cannot answer enquiries via social media. If you are a constituent please call 029 2233 8545 / 07515 034124 or email the office [email protected] Fay jo
Exactly how Fay Jones can host a live Q&A on facebook whilst stating she cannot answer enquiries via social media remains to be seen. Perhaps she follows bumbling Boris with his contradictions? Either way, I will be using my friends facebook account to ask her some pertinent questions, namely:
  1. What are her reasons for voting against the Grenfell safety recommendations?
  2. What are her reasons for voting to break international law?
  3. Why friends of her family call me a vile troll for asking the above and why she decided to block me from commenting on her page?


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