Dan Morgan – campaigning to allow glorifying racists and oppressors in Swansea and Wales

Meet Dan Morgan. Dan is running a far right group in different social medias. At the moment, Dan is actively campaigning for street names and statues which glorify oppression and slave trading to remain.

Within his group, another admin is Stan Theman, aka Stan Robinson. Stan is currently running for election as a Swansea Councillor. Further information about Stan Robinson is provided in the link to WalesOnline below. In their article they show that Stan is campaigning against the removal of statues and place names which seek to glorify racists / oppressors and slave traders. This is done along with Dan Morgan. Also in the article its shown that Stan Robinson has made derogatory comments towards Pakistani people.

Dan Morgan has made multiple veiled threats to people who disagree with his opinions in facebook along with Stan Robinson who has declared someone to be a peadophile.
Let the above sink in, – a future prospoective Swansea official, namely Stan Robinson declares a member of the public to be a paedophile simply because the member of public disagreed with the views of Stan.

Stan Robinson is admin along with Dan Morgan of a far right Swansea group. Within his group, Dan posts pictures and derogatory comments from people who disagree with him. Two such people are Tom and Dean. Tom seems quite young, he sent a private message to Dan calling Dan a racist. The response is that Dan made an image of Tom and posted to his group along with derogatory comments.
In the case of Dean, Dan again posted images of Dean, members of his group also make derogatory comments.

Regardless of the derogatory comments made, none can be as alarming as Stan Robinsons comments declaring a member of the public to be a paedophile all because there was a disagreement in opinions.

Editors more: Some parts of this article have been removed. Author has been advised it can be published only with verifiable evidence of the accusations.
Additional note: Whilst the future prospective Swansea candidate Stan Robinson is shown to be a racist (from Walesonline article) as well as arguably from his own posts, this is not a reflection on Swansea City Council. Any person can stand for election. In this case, I am personally horrified and shocked that someone standing for election (Stan Robinson) can declare a member of the public a paedophile for no reason other than they disagree with the public viewpoint. Quite simply, this person does not show the qualities of being a Councillor as clearly has no integrity nor credibility, this can be seen from their actions and behaviour to those they disagree with.


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