Bus hits youth crossing road (video) – Castle Square

Nathan Healy, 23, captured dashcam footage of a First Cymru bus hitting one pedestrian from a group of crossing the road without waiting for their green man signal. Nathan was driving along and had to break sharply as the group of pedestrians had already started to cross at the crossing. Meanwhile, the bus travelling in the opposite direction did not stop in time, seemingly attempting to break after several people had already crossed whilst colliding with one female from the group.

It is understood that after hitting the pedestrian, the bus driver drove forwards a little and then stopped and talked with the group of people. No serious injuries were reported.

6th October, 2021 – Live blog update: It has been reported via social media that the female is uninjured. Her class friend stated “she barely got a scratch on her, she’s fine”

First Cymru (bus operator) have been approached for a comment into this matter. This blog is live and will update with any further information.



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