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Uber starts in Swansea, £20 off your first 2 rides

Uber has officially launched its services in Swansea in response to significant local interest, with over 4,000 residents attempting to book rides through the app every week.

To celebrate its arrival in Swansea, Uber is enticing customers with a promotion offering up to £20 off the next two rides for passengers until March 24, 2024.

Uber’s platform, which debuted in the UK market in 2012, is renowned for its convenience, offering customers a seamless experience from booking to payment through a single, user-friendly app.

Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber UK, expressed pride in launching Uber in Swansea, highlighting the increased demand for their services in the city. He emphasised Uber’s commitment to maximizing earnings opportunities for drivers, expanding transport options for passengers, and supporting the local economy. He said: “We are extremely proud to launch Uber in Swansea where we have been seeing increased demand for our services. By bringing Uber to the city we want to help maximise earnings opportunities for drivers, boost transport options for passengers, and support the local economy.”

£20 off next 2 rides in Swansea

To celebrate this launch, enjoy up to £20 off on your next two rides* from 13-24 March, 2024. If the offer does not automatically apply, you can use the code HISWANSEA

Here’s how to redeem your offer:

  • Select ‘Wallet’ from the app menu
  • Swipe down to ‘Promotions’ (not ’Voucher’)
  • Click ‘Add Promo Code’
  • Enter HISWANSEA and click ‘Add’

The Uber Effect: Threatening the Existence of Local Taxi Firms in Swansea

In recent years, the emergence of ride-hailing services like Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry worldwide. While hailed for their convenience and accessibility, these services have also posed a significant threat to traditional taxi firms, especially in smaller cities like Swansea. The convenience, competitive pricing, and ease of use offered by Uber have caused a seismic shift in consumer behavior, leaving local taxi companies struggling to adapt.

One of the primary reasons Uber poses a risk to local taxi firms in Swansea is its utilization of modern technology. With a user-friendly app that allows customers to request rides with a few taps on their smartphones, Uber has streamlined the booking process, eliminating the need for traditional phone calls or street hails. This convenience factor has made Uber an attractive option for many commuters and residents in Swansea, often at the expense of local taxi firms.

Moreover, Uber’s dynamic pricing model, which adjusts fares based on demand, often results in lower costs for passengers compared to traditional taxis. This competitive pricing strategy has further incentivized consumers to choose Uber over local taxi services, especially during peak times or inclement weather when taxi fares tend to surge.

Additionally, Uber’s extensive driver network has significantly expanded the availability of rides in Swansea. While local taxi firms may struggle to meet demand during busy periods, Uber’s large pool of drivers can quickly respond to requests, reducing wait times for passengers. This accessibility has made Uber a preferred choice for many residents and visitors alike, further eroding the market share of local taxi companies.

Furthermore, Uber’s aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns have increased its visibility and brand recognition in Swansea. Through various incentives and discounts, Uber has successfully attracted customers away from traditional taxis, posing a formidable challenge to local firms that lack the resources to compete on such a scale.

Despite these challenges, some local taxi firms in Swansea have sought to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape. Some have introduced their own mobile apps to improve booking efficiency, while others have focused on enhancing the quality of service to differentiate themselves from Uber. However, for many smaller firms, competing with Uber’s vast resources and global reach remains an uphill battle.

In conclusion, Uber’s presence in Swansea is likely to pose a significant risk to the survival of local taxi firms. With its convenient app-based platform, competitive pricing, extensive driver network, and aggressive marketing strategies, Uber has fundamentally transformed the transportation industry in Swansea and beyond. While local taxi companies may strive to adapt and innovate, the looming shadow of Uber continues to cast uncertainty over their future prospects. The service may be cheap and very competitive at the moment, though in the future if local independent taxi companies cease to exist due to the presence of Uber, arguably at this point Uber will increase their prices. Afterall, Uber increases prices when demand is higher than normal.


Video showing police recover stolen plant machinery

Automatrics receive more calls for help from clients in South Wales following the theft of a Bomag 100 Roller. The local police are keen to help and suspect one possible location.

Autistic youngsters get their own Prom at Swansea stadium

Autistic youngsters get their own Prom…..

Many Autistic teenagers across Swansea and Neath and Port Talbot didn’t get a Prom or a school leavers event because they often struggle to cope with the noise, lights and number of people. Swansea Autism Movement are making up for this by organising an autism friendly Prom just for them.

With a silent disco, sensory room, quiet areas, the adaptations at the Swansea.com stadium for this event will support the particular needs of these young people. There will still be a disco, red carpet entrance, buffet and plenty of photo opportunities, but the focus of the evening on Friday 21st April is to ensure the best time is had by all and memories are made.

Swansea Autism Movement CIC is a peer-to-peer project of parent-carers who have autistic children and those waiting for a diagnosis. We support autistic children, their siblings and parent carers by connecting families through fun activities and regular contact. SAM is managed by a team of volunteer directors led by Chair Suzanne Cranmer-Ford.

SAM wish to thank everyone involved in assisting us with staging the event, especially Nicky Price at the Events team at Swansea.com, InHouse Entertainments, thesilentdiscocompany.co.uk, Play and Leisure Opportunity Library, Mara Cabral & John Minopoli for offering to take photographs at the event and especially the young people who have worked together with us to plan this event..

SAM would also like to thank those who supported our fundraising including Andrew Scott, Mardi Gras Party shop, Carltons Hair Design, Rachel Jenkins, Anne Melik, Lush Swansea, Daniel Perkins, Swansea City AFC, Kara Rees, all the individuals who have offered theirs or their family members Camper Vans, Cars and Harley bikes to be outside the event for photographs and everyone who has bought a sensory bag or phone holder from Jack.

For further information:  [email protected]

James Harvey – Under investigation from University Wales Trinity Saint David

Readers will recall our posts earlier this year regarding a certain James Harvey, a new figure in the motley ranks of those knuckledragging hatemongers at the so called ‘Voice of Wales’. Pleased to report then that our efforts seem to have born fruit with Harvey now under investigation by the authorities at University Wales Trinity Saint David (where Harvey is a student).
The attached pic includes screenshots of Harvey’s recent rantings on telegram and suggest Harvey isn’t best pleased that we have brought his appalling activities to wider scrutiny. Activities which can be seen in this video here https://www.facebook.com/FRWWales/videos/1207390309892071 (harvey appears 1 min 27 seconds in) and which have included promoting holocaust denial, white supremacism, peddling anti-semitic conspiracy tropes and likening people in Cardiff of somalian origins to apes.
In keeping with the british far right’s current insidious efforts to whip up hatred towards the trans community Harvey has also recenly taken to descending on shops in Cardiff and scouring them for items that offend the far right’s transphobic ‘sensibilities’ (with these revolting exploits filmed and uploaded to Harvey’s twitter for his cerebrally challenged cronies ‘enjoyment’).
One such Harvey crony hails from riverside in Cardiff in the shape of Hugh Thorne aka ‘Based Welshman’ on youtube and various online platforms used by the extreme right. Indeed Thorne has frequently acted as ‘cameraman’ when Harvey has been harrassing and intimdating retail workers in Cardiff.
We first brought Thorne to peoples attention in this facebook post 4 years ago https://www.facebook.com/FRWWales/posts/580193245828960 . Thorne has regularly participated (and filmed) efforts by british far right groups to intimidate and terrorise asylum seekers in places like Dover and West Wales and has travelled to Europe to attend events organised by neo fascists in europe.
While Harvey also operates the deranged and hopelessly misnamed ‘Students against Tyranny’ twitter account. Before linking up with VoW he was behind covid denying stunts in Cardiff and Swansea.

Homelessness help & support



The amount of people who find themselves with financial problems and who might end up homeless have risen over the last few years, including families and young people. Some organisations here offer support for people in that situation.
An organsiation that campaign to fight for better housing provision in Wales but can also give practical advice if you’re in difficulties, with a comprehensive set of resources on the website.
08000 495 495
A long established Swansea based charity helping homeless within Swansea and surrounding areas,
A charity which has several projects helping the homeless across Wales. The website has details of these in your area.
A long-established charity which gives support to homeless young people and women. Based mainly in South East Wales, it has offices and projects in Cardiff, Barry, Bridgend, Newport, Caerphilly and Monmouth.
A charity which offers support and opportunities for young people, including the homeless, in North Wales. They have a range of projects that focus on developing the skills needed to live independently.
Delivered by veterans for veterans, Change Step offers peer mentoring and help to access relevant services — including support with mental health, substance misuse, criminal justice and housing issues.
0300 777 2259
A service which can support and advise you if you’re living with a mental illness and worried about money.
There are over 3,000 Citizens Advice Bureaux in the UK, and they can give you free help with legal, money, work and other problems. Find out about your local service either through the website or you telephone directory. The guides on the site also have a lot of very useful information on a variety of subjects.
Bilingual helpline and online service about any subject, if you’re between 0 and 25.
Cymorth Cymru connects providers of housing related support, homelessness and other services which enable people to build independent lives in their community.
Original information provided by Dale Fischer, Richard Taylor and Megan Poppy Lloyd, additional information further added.
Image from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/garryknight – licensed under Creative Commons

Morrisons supermarket overcharging for purchases, repeatedly ignores complaints

I am writing an article showing how it is possible to purchase food items from an app called “TooGoodToGo”, I will link and update here when this is published.

To explore the app, I selected well known retailers such as Morrisons, Greggs, OneStop & Spar. I also selected several local outlets. Multiple purchases were made at each of the stores in order to ascertain whether the value of products was as described in the app.

From all the retailers tested, everyone exceeded my expectations apart from Morrisons. To provide one example, Greggs bakery sell items through the app for £2.59 for what I estimate to be well over £10 in value from each purchase.

However, Morrisons have consistently failed miserably, not only through the sales through the app but also in their customer care response. Several purchases were made from Morrisons, each purchase made was less than the value as advertised in the app.  For example, the last test purchase cost £3.09 through the app and contained 3 bags of potatoes and 49p each, 2 packs of putrid pears at 7p each and a half loaf of bread in date but damaged packaging.  The bread was not of merchantable quality due to the packaging. Each magic bag from Morrisons has been abysmal, with most below the advertised price.

In light of the above, I made a customer complaint to Morrisons who replied that “A member of the customer service team will be responding to your email as quickly as possible”. However, this was over a week ago. I have chased Morrisons up for a response and I was told that someone would contact me back. Chasing up Morrisons again, I was informed that they could log my complaint but they can not deal with it and it would not be dealt with. Chasing up Morrisons again, I explained that I intend to write an article in relation to what is in my opinion Morrisons clearly selling products not at the advertised price, the fact they have been consistent in this abysmal practice for a multitude of test purchases over a period of time in addition to any complaint raised is ignored – their response is that a manager would contact me back. Nobody has done so.

Morrisons press office have also been contacted in order to request a comment from them. However, after waiting several days, they too have also failed to respond.

TLDR: Morrisons supermarket repeatedly overcharging through app and purposefully ignored customer complaints of being overcharged. 

This is a live blog – it will be updated when necessary. 

Ukraine refugee crisis – how can I help?

Ukraine refugee crisis – how can I help?

It has been over a year since the conflict in Ukraine began and Carmarthenshire is still playing its part to help support some of the refugees coming to the UK from Ukraine.

Nearly six and a half thousand Ukrainians have relocated to Wales since March 2022 and as a county we have welcomed over 360 individuals and families; and are continuing to work with Welsh Government to help families fleeing the conflict.

We value all the support that has already been shown by residents, but we are still looking for people who can help us in helping families to adjust to their new home and life here, in Carmarthenshire.

We want to be able to offer a full range of support, both for Ukrainian families and host families. This will include housing, employment, education, safeguarding and emotional support.

Here are some of the things you may be able to do to help:

  • Welcoming a Ukrainian family into their home for a few months until a permanent home can be found. If you can offer a safe place to stay for a Ukrainian household, please contact us so we can give you more information on what is involved. We can help you to match with a family or you can find a match yourself.
  • Making a home available to rent to a Ukrainian family.
  • Interpretation and translation in Ukrainian or Russian languages

If you have any questions or would like to help, please email us: [email protected]

To find out more about how we use your information, please read our Privacy Notice.

Weather alerts

Weather alerts

Clean-up operation underway following Storm Eunice

A massive clean-up and recovery operation is underway to deal with the aftermath of Storm Eunice which battered Carmarthenshire.

Council highways crews have had an extremely busy few days as extreme winds brought down trees, branches, roof tiles and electricity cables on Friday and throughout the weekend. To date, they have received 295 weather-related highway reports, and this figure continues to rise.

The council’s property teams dealt with over 300 calls, mainly from housing tenants, reporting damage to their homes, such as loose roof tiles, or fences blown down, as well as from some schools including Llandeilo and Pencader, as well as weather-related issues reported at Richmond Park, Bryngwyn and Ffwrnes. 

Full press release

Winter weather information and advice

Winter weather information and advice

A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note this will be during office hours, Monday – Friday 08:30 – 18:00.

Outside normal office hours Delta Wellbeing provides an emergency service on 0300 333 2222. This phone number is for emergencies and is available after 6pm and up until 8:30am on weekdays, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays.

Preparation work for Machynlleth’s new street trees to begin

Preparation work for Machynlleth’s new street trees to begin

6 March 2023

Image of Machynlleth town centre

Preparation work, in readiness for the planting of 27 new trees in the autumn, on the streets of Machynlleth town centre will begin this week.

Following last year’s engagement exercise and the subsequent removal of some of the existing trees, works to begin improving the conditions of the remaining and the planned new street trees along Heol Maengwyn (A489), Penrallt St and Pentrehedyn St (A487) will begin this week (week commencing 6 March).

Work will include improving the street surfaces and the planting conditions of the remaining trees as well as creating underground planting pits for the 27 new trees which will be planted in the autumn. The majority of the activity will take place on or around the pavements and planting areas and will be undertaken in small areas at a time to minimise any disruption. Access to shops properties will be maintained at all times.

“The loss of any trees can be very emotive, but through our engagement exercise we have bought together the proposed professional views and the thoughts and wishes of the local community to create a robust future-proofed plan of action for the street trees in Machynlleth town centre.” explains Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys.

“The removal of some of the original damaged and/or ill-placed trees has provided us with an ideal opportunity to improve the conditions of the remaining trees and a chance to replant the felled trees in a more appropriate way – ensuring we choose the right locations, tree species and method of planting to guarantee their survival and presence within Machynlleth for years to come.

“We are aware of the many benefits of urban planting. Trees not only improve our environments by looking beautiful, but they can also play a vital role in combatting the climate and nature emergencies we are currently facing by providing a haven for wildlife, offering shade, absorbing excess water, and improving air quality.

“We are really looking forward to this work beginning and thank all who have contributed to this project for their time and input. Once the street surfaces and planting areas have been improved during this stage of the works, the bit we are all waiting for, the planting of the new trees, will take place in the autumn.”

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