Media Network

We are making a network of websites and apps to help facilitate hyperlocal citizen journalism and help empower communities.
Main stream media is all too often seen as being corrupt, one sided and out of touch. Our aim is to negate these problems by offering a platform for ANYONE to write articles which are then published on the applicable website / app.
We do not have to answer to shareholders as we have none. We do not have to answer to advertisers nor constrain our content to their whims as we do not have adverts.

We are at the moment developing a worldwide (clickable) map, you will soon be able to select whatever area interests you and then interact with the news, community and social network for that area.

If an area of the world has not been covered, or it has already been covered and you would like further hyperlocal websites, just contact us and we can create. (This is on the provision that you will help administrate the website for your area).